take it slow, take it easy on me

It has been a veritable new music fest around here in the past month or so. I’ve been attempting to give all of it a more thorough listen – meaning that I listen while I’m doing something enjoyable (or at least not stress inducing) instead of listening while screaming at my computer during the insanity that was the end of the semester.

As my semester just ended on Monday, I’m still catching up. But here’s what I’m currently enjoying:

(Interruption – Black Eyed Boy by Texas just shuffled up. How great is this song?)

217fkck8p1l_aa_.jpgFirst up, Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero. I do love the man behind the NIN. Trent is, well, fantastic. This is good stuff. (Note to Mr. Reznor – when you come up with those US Tour dates, don’t forget about us here in the StL.)

31xcn7wbsjl_aa_.jpgThen, of course, Tori Amos’ new offering – American Doll Posse. I haven’t really had a chance to give this one a good solid listen yet, but I like what I hear. I’m really fond of Big Wheel, possibly because it’s the first song I heard from the album.

21poahb4vfl_aa_.jpgNext, Feist – The Reminder. This album? I kind of love it. She has a great sound and I just can’t stop listening to it. This album is the reason I haven’t been able to give the others on the list a proper listen. 21fp704s8sl_aa_.jpg

Finally, I have new stuff from Michael Buble – Call Me Irresponsible.

I’ve liked him for a while, this album is no different. It’s good. He’s got a great version of Me & Mrs. Jones on here.

I’ve also recently added Introducing Joss Stone and Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. Neither have had a proper listen, so I can’t recommend them (or not recommend them), so there you have it.

Oddly enough, all the albums I mentioned were, for some reason, cheaper in actual CD form than they were on iTunes. So I have real copies of them – it’s the first time I’ve bought actual cds in forever. Weird.

And now, I’m off to spend $90 on textbooks for one of my summer classes. Eek.


4 thoughts on “take it slow, take it easy on me

  1. Usually I skip your music shuffles and such because I haven’t heard of most of what you listen to. Surely I’m not that old and sheltered! Well, maybe. But then, I’ve listened to nothing but aiko for 2 months now. But I was happy to see a name today that I recognized: Nine Inch Nails. Though, I have to admit, I’ve never listened to their music. When they showed up at the restaurant I managed, someone had to tell me who they were. I just knew they were too scary looking for my family crowd and gave them the banquet room to themselves. They thought I was affording them privacy. Hah! Now the Peter Criss band…they were fun…ah, youth.

  2. I’m going to check some of these out. I’ve been hankering for some new music. Let me know what you think of the Joss Stone and Modest Mouse albums when you’ve given them a listen!

  3. I’m surprised by how much I like American Doll Posse. Tori’s really fierce (and in a good way) on a few of the tracks. And I will look into Feist!

  4. Oh and I got Tori off of iTunes and got some extras – a video and another song so that’s fine. It was weird that there are 3 or 4 versions of the album.

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