a hot summers day

I am trying (and failing) to just gain a little focus and write. I need to write for a manuscript and it’s just not going well.

But, I promised knitting and you get knitting.
secret project number 1

This is one of two secret projects. You may notice the animal fur lovingly crafted into the knitting, that’s a special touch all my projects get.

Anyway, this is a gift for a friend who is moving in June (and who doesn’t read the blog, so I don’t think she’ll find out about this beforehand). I’m on a strict deadline to get this done and ready before she moves, even though she won’t need it until winter.

secret project number 2 The other secret project I have a little longer to finish, which is good as it’s going to take me forever. I like the stripes, though – they keep it interesting.

In sock knitting, I am finally ready to work the heel flap for the second pink flame wave sock. After that, it’s a very short trip to Done-ville.

I really wish I had more than a week off between the Spring & Summer semesters so I could finish up the projects currently hanging around on needles. As it stands, as soon as I finish either secret project #1 or the pink socks, I need to cast on for my Sockapalooza socks. I also still need a pattern for my Sockapalooza socks.

Other than that, not much else going on in the world of knitting. I have an itch to finish at least one of the Rock Star Armwarmers, but it’s much to warm right now to work with malabrigo. That will have to wait until the a/c is on.

listening to: That’s Entertainment – Paul Weller (Live) (courtesy of the shuffle)


3 thoughts on “a hot summers day

  1. hmmm…i spy danica and wild stripes. do i win? i love those stripes! those colors look great!

  2. I love your blog, I’m going to showcase it in my list of blogs I like. I should also mention that my blog is nothing in comparison to yours, it’s not like good things will happen because I link to yours, but I have really enjoyed looking around your blog!!! Thanks, BeccA

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