when you believe in things you don't understand

I spent a good portion of my weekend either working on my stupid abstract that was due today or taking extremely long breaks from said abstract.

During said breaks, I made a run to Trader Joe’s, World Market, and PetSmart. At PetSmart there were cute little animals up for adoption, including a kitty with a wonky eye I thought was adorable and a pair of angora bunnies. Every once in a while I think I might want to have a bunny again, then I remember that bunnies are more work than cats & that they like to chew through every electrical cord in the house if given the chance.*

Erm, anyway…

There was also dim sum and knitting yesterday, during which I got a sunburn. There will be knitting talk tomorrow, along with selective pictures of the secret projects (since they have taken over my life).

I have the final test for my biostats class today, after which I am FREE! FREE from CLASS! For an entire WEEK! Only a week because one of my summer classes starts on Monday. I’m beginning to rethink the intelligence of taking two summer classes right now.

That is all. Good day to you. :)

listening to:  Universe & U – Kt Tunstall

*I had one of these guys and his coloring was similar to the one pictured.  He was a big bunny.


One thought on “when you believe in things you don't understand

  1. I had a french lop bunny in college. Actually, I only had her for a few months before I gave her up to a breeder. I didn’t realized how big she would get. So I box trained her and left her out in the apartment quite a bit. One day I came home to find she had peed in my shoes….The next day I came home to find her hanging out on my waterbed. The next day she went to live somewhere else. Plus, she didn’t like to be held and was a biter!

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