you've got your head in the clouds

I never did mention the outcome of that job interview, right? Well, I’m still looking for something, so that should tell you.

Apparently, I was a fantastic candidate and well suited for the job (and was even told this), but once again, there was someone just enough better out there that I didn’t get it. Go figure.

So, I’m still looking.* And looking, and worrying about finals, and looking some more.

Anyway, moving on. School. Oy. There are finals to take and assignments to hand in. Yesterday I got slammed with a headache just as I was getting into the assignment due next Monday. It’s insane – I have a final and assignment due on Thursday, then a final and assignment due on Monday. Somewhere in there was an opportunity for extra credit, but that’s not going to happen.

Unfortunately, I only get a week off from school before the summer classes start. Then it’s more data, more writing, and more insanity.

But now? Now we go to sleep.

*There was a minor job search faux pas made tonight. I sent out a letter/resume to someone who will be hiring in the near future, but addressed her as Ms. instead of Dr. Not that I knew she was a Dr. until after I hit send and did a little more research, but still. Oops. Hopefully she isn’t one of those people who gets all bent out of shape if you don’t call her Dr. C’mon, you know the people I’m talking about – they get all snippy and correct you “It’s Dr. Smith.”


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  1. sorry about the job. I went through that last year–made it to 2nd place. The good part is I just interviewed there again this year and am waiting to hear. If you like the place, another opening may come along. good luck!

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