everything's waiting for you

Yes, so the weekend was hella busy.

Friday afternoon/evening I went to my cousin’s wedding. It was lovely, the weather was perfect, and I spent some time with the family. There was a chocolate fountain, so things were good.
chocolate fountain

Naturally, I wondered what we’d have for dinner. When I asked my dad, he said “I don’t know. Mostacolli?” The dinner was good, and yes, there was mostacolli. A St. Louis staple, y’know.

At one point, I was on my way to get a little taste of wedding cake – my aunt makes the most fabulous wedding cakes in the world – and it happened to be the same time as the bouquet toss. So, I got roped into it, all the time saying “But I want cake…”. Luckily, that bouquet came nowhere near me, although A. did toss it a little high the first time and took out a ceiling tile.

Of course I took some more pictures, you can see a few of them here.

Saturday evening was a wedding reception for coworker Be-Bop-A-Lula at the local Indian place. Tasty food and Mango Lasse’s everywhere. Samosas, good. Butter Chicken, good. Random vegetable dishes, good. It was a nice, and a good thing I actually like the people I work with.

Sunday afternoon was a potluck for Geek Dave’s birthday. Again, there was good food. I brought a 7-layer dip, which is so easy and so tasty.

And now, it’s Sunday evening. Ziggy’s snoozing in the dog bed and I’m working on some homework – paper due, final to take, all that jazz.


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  1. 1) Not legally married unless there’s mostacolli.
    2) I looked at the photos, and I’m probably wrong, but is that Bugg lake at UMSL?

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