sun in the sky

The knitting, while good, is becoming a bit of a “secret project” thing right now. I have one secret project on the needles, another with yarn headed my way. So, I get to be all hush-hush about my knitting while I work on these two things.

I so still have socks in progress — the pink flame socks are going well, the daffydill socks had to be started over (because I dropped like 8 stitches trying it on and they went down several rows), but they’re moving along. The monkey sock is, unfortunately, on hold. Mindy forced me to try it on, where I discovered that it’s a bit small for me. *sigh* I’m going to add two stitches to each pattern repeat so I can make the socks fit me.

Have I mentioned that I love yarn in cakes? It’s so pretty and colorful.

Android Chic
And this yarn is a fantastic color. It’s so nice with a bit of funk, mixing the blue and grey together. It’s also nice and soft, I love the merino/bamboo blend. Now I need a sock pattern with a bit of funk.

I was recently able to exchange some yarn that I wasn’t into that much for some much much cooler looking stuff.
some sock yarn

From Sunshine Yarn (except the turq/gray one that is on the second row), I am in love with these colors. Love, I tell you. At the top is Earth (a blue/green triple dye). Row 2 is Android Chic (from here) and Cornflower from the Not So Solid line. Bottom row is Flame (an orange/red triple dye), Avocado (also NSS), and Swedish Short Snout from her Harry Potter line (although I just liked the colors a lot).

You may also notice Mr. Ziggy in the background. He’s about to jump the yarn tower and demand a face scratch. Or rub his face on my camera. I can’t remember which.

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