it's a competitive world

Since today is the last day of the work week for me, I’m going to go ahead and do the Friday shuffle. But first, let’s chat about my day thus far, including the insane woman at the post office who forced me to walk out of there and go to a different post office this morning.

First off, let’s come clean – I was at the Post Office this morning because I had decided that I didn’t need to go to my EPI class.* I was just too tired and it was nice to stay in bed with every animal in the house. Now, the PO was busy this morning when I got there. As in there were 15 people ahead of me in line. So, the postal clerk was trying to make things go a little faster by requesting that the old woman with unnatural hair actually stick some of the certified mail things on the 5 million envelopes she was mailing. Old woman refused because she wasn’t comfortable putting them on. IT’S STICKERS. ON AN ENVELOPE! IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, PEOPLE!

Once I recovered from the deafening sounds of idiocy, I jetted off to Starbucks and then a different post office, where the clerk was funny and made me laugh. The nice thing is that there was no waiting at this PO because it’s small and kind of inconvienently located.

Moving on to the biostats test. Well, at least it’s over. I think I did fine, but who knows. At least I don’t have to study tonight, so I can get my knit on.

And finally the Friday Thursday shuffle:

  • Can’t Take That Plane – John Mayer
  • Delirious Love – Neil Diamond
  • Wednesday – Tori Amos
  • Cannonball Days – Ryan Adams
  • This Thing – D’Nell
  • Gimme The Car – Violent Femmes
  • Sleeps With Butterflies – Tori Amos
  • The One You Love – Rufus Wainwright
  • Try – The Magic Numbers
  • Guys Like Me – Aimee Mann
  • Everything Counts – Depeche Mode

Now that’s a shuffle I enjoyed listening to. Nice.

*As it turns out, this could not have been a better decision. I hear that class was useless this morning and anything she covered wouldn’t be on the final because she didn’t have any notes or anything prepared. Sweet! Extra sleep rules! Even if it does mean you forget to put on your watch!


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