all that came from it

Ouch. My back is causing me some serious pain today. As in there is not one way I can sit, stand, move, anything that doesn’t cause pain. I have a call in to the doc, so hopefully I can go see her or get something soon. Even though I called at 9am and still haven’t heard back from them.


In the meantime, let’s talk knitting.

I finished the first Flame Wave Sock and started sock number 2. I also started working on the Monkey socks, but I’m still doing the cuff right now. The Daffydill socks are moving along, slowly but surely. They’re my “I don’t want to think about what I’m doing” socks, so I don’t work on them as often as I do the others. Also still in progress is the Koigu Feather & Fan scarf, which looks nice but will take forever to make.

And now? I’m going to lay down on the couch and read because that’s what my back insists I do.


2 thoughts on “all that came from it

  1. Me likes the Flame Wave sock. Is it a fun knit?

    I’d like to try the Monkey socks as well but I need to decide on which yarn out of my stash to use. I have a wool/cotton/poly blend yarn with a variegated colorway that I think would look nice.

  2. I like the flame wave sock, Dix. Not too difficult, but it keeps me interested. That first sock was done faster than I expected it to be. :)

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