was there anything I missed?

 I’ve had a whole lot of nothing to talk about this week. It’s been a bit weird – getting back in the swing of classes after spring break, finding out the job thing, selling my crap on ebay. Nothing especially worthy of discussion (well, not any more than I’ve already discussed it).

Even the shuffle was rainy this morning. So, instead, the opening track from 10 randomly chosen mixes I’ve put together.

  1. Bathwater – No Doubt (from the kinda funky road trippin’ mix)
  2. Hell – Squirrel Nut Zippers (from the Satan Was A Lesbian mix)
  3. This Will Be Our Year – Ok Go (from the This Will Be Our Year mix)
  4. All For Swinging You Around – New Pornographers (from the Try Not To Panic mix)
  5. Ugly – Sass Jordan (from the I’m The Girl Next Door mix)
  6. Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira (from the Spring 2006 mix)
  7. Extraordinary Girl – Green Day (from the Let Me Misunderstand You mix)
  8. Iieee – Tori Amos (from the It’s Tough to Walk Without Strings mix)
  9. She Bop – Cyndi Lauper (from the I’d Better Get a Chaperone mix)
  10. I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to Be Nicer – the Cardigans (from the June 2006 mix)

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