I'm taking a ride with my best friend

Yeah, so. It was just a day full of general annoyances. You know, those things that make you wish you were independently wealthy and didn’t have to work, but you did work just so you wouldn’t spend all your time at home with Mitzi, your chihuahua, and so you could stay grounded and remember what life was like when you didn’t have all that much money. You know what I mean?

Anyway. I don’t know where I was going with that, but it was a mighty fine run-on sentence.

Moving on with my random thoughts.

  • The job market? I’m not sure how I’ll do in it. But the good news is that I’ve managed to save enough money to live for at least 2 months if I’m unemployed. Of course, then I won’t have anything saved for later. But at least I’ve got it now.
  • Speaking of jobs, I saw a random ad for a Biostatistician today. Wow. Starting salary was over twice what I’m currently making. Oh, yeah. I can handle that. Not that I’d get to start out making that, but knowing I can after a couple years is nice.
  • I’m also going to sell my car. Not the one I’m driving, the one sitting in my dad’s driveway getting no love because I’m driving what was my mom’s vehicle. Why not make a little money on it? Maybe then I can get a smaller car (once I have the job thing sorted, of course).
  • I got an invite to my cousin’s wedding today. It was addressed (on the inside) to Kara & Guest.* It’s on a Friday afternoon at the end of April. I’m a little baffled as to why one would have a wedding at 4pm on a Friday, but I know nothing of planning, so I’ll just show up in my fancy dress and look smashing.
  • I cleaned out my closet a couple weeks ago (which I may have previously mentioned) and am currently listing some clothes for sale on ebay. It’s the “I can’t believe I bought this and didn’t wear it” sale. Or the “Why didn’t I return this?” sale.
  • American Idol. Dude – just saw that one of the girls got kicked off. Granted it wasn’t her best performance, but really? I’ll admit it, Sanjaya was better this week, but not good enough to still be around. I don’t know why, maybe it’s his boyish charm. That Jordin, though? She can belt one out for only being 17. I’m so impressed by her it’s not even funny. Yeah, there are other girls who are phenomenal, but they’ve been around longer. To have that voice and control at her age is amazing.
  • That is all. I’ve got ebay crap to sell and sleep to catch up on.

*My dad called me this afternoon because his was addressed to “Dad’s Name & Kara”. So I can bring a guest, but he’s s’posed to bring me, I suppose.


6 thoughts on “I'm taking a ride with my best friend

  1. Friday Weddings = cheaper than Saturday wedddings, but at 4 pm? I went to a Friday wedding in Chicago once; it was supposed to start at 6, but was delayed nearly 45 minutes because traffic was so bad, no one could get there on time.

  2. Christy is right. You get a much better deal on Friday weddings than Saturday weddings. Remember how my reception was on a Saturday afternoon? Cheaper than Saturday evening, but more expensive than Friday. Last year I went to a MONDAY afternoon wedding. Now that was inconvenient. But an odd-day wedding means the couple can do a lot more at the reception (or buy a house, or something like that) instead of throwing away $15K on a Saturday night reception.

  3. I don’t mind the Friday wedding, actually. It’s the 4pm on a Friday that’s problematic, especially since it’s in St. Peters. Long drive = at least a half day off work (unless I’m on a between jobs vacation, then it doesn’t matter). :)

  4. Well ya know if you start the new job, then that’s just an excuse not to go. 4pm on a friday is a weird time to have a wedding though.


  5. one of my friends got married in maui with only 10 people in attendance. when i met all the smack-talkers in her husband’s family, i understood she only wanted those who’d genuinely be happy for them there — an added benefit of the nontraditional wedding timeslot.

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