we're doing all the best we can

Thanks to my job, I have been introduced to a lot of different places that have a lot of interesting things, mostly of the food persuasion.

It only stands to reason that I would become addicted to one of those food items – the Kinder Bueno. There’s no good reason for this, but it is a tasty little treat from the people who bring you Mon Cheri and Rocher chocolates.

I don’t know how to describe it, but I do enjoy the creaminess, wafer, and chocolatey goodness all in one little package. And as a bonus, each piece is individually wrapped so you can eat 1/2 now, save the other for later or share it with a friend.

Last week, I also discovered the Duplo from the same company. It’s smaller, with Nutella and hazelnuts inside the wafer, then it’s covered in chocolate. Yummy.
It’s like they’re trying to make me eat all the chocolatey goodness in the world. And they’re succeeding.


One thought on “we're doing all the best we can

  1. Oh sweetie! I owe you chocolate anyway! I’ll get you some fun Kinder chocolates. You need some Kinder Happy Hippos too.

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