want to open you up like Christmas

Mental note: Buy foam earplugs and keep them in purse for random concert-going experiences.

Not that tonight’s experience was random, it was planned. I just didn’t anticipate there being a DJ who played boom-boom-boom-chink-boom-boom-boom out of the speakers for an hour preceding the main act.

The main act, you ask? Scissor Sisters.  This is not a family friendly show, just in case you had any thought that it might be. But it was a good show, minus the excess bass that plagued the sound system all night.

The “opening” act was Wigs on Sticks. Literally. Wigs. On. Sticks. They played for about 15 minutes, then it was back to DJ boy. For over an hour. I think because the microphone needed some last minute emergency repair or something. All I know is that when roadie boy ran back onstage with the mic, the band started less than 5 minutes later.

I don’t have a lot to report, but the Scissor Sisters put on one hell of a show – energetic, fun, glittery – I’d definitely check them out again. Once I got used to the excess bass, I really enjoyed myself. They rocked the Pageant and it was a fun show. Rock on, Scissor Sisters. Rock on.

Ok, now that I’ve stopped making sense, I need to go to sleep. I do still have to get up for work tomorrow.

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