imagine she must lead a very dull life

My weekend?

  • I did not watch the Academy Awards. I watched cartoons instead.
  • I did attempt to work on my Biostats homework.
  • I resorted the boxes of stuff I retrieved from Dad’s garage, some of which are now ready to be stored again.
  • I knitted a bit.

And now it’s time for the Monday knitty update. For your pleasure, I’ve posted recent pictures of all the works-in-progress on flickr.

Rock Star ArmwarmersThe big story is the Rock Star Armwarmers. I’m almost to my wrist, which means that I will need to make a decision about the thumb. To gusset or not to gusset, that is the question. Anyone out there who’s made gloves/armwarmers both ways who has an opinion?

There will eventually be fingers for the armwarmers, but that’s a little bit in the future still.

peppermint socks

Other than the armwarmers, there are the peppermint socks. Just plain stockinette – I’m going to try a short row heel on these, although I do worry about the sturdyness of it.

What became of the Wavy Scarf

The wavy scarf was turned into a wavy pocket for something. I don’t know what, but it was better than frogging the whole thing, right? Now it just needs some cute buttons and I can use it for, um, my camera?

I have 7 projects on needles right now. Sheesh. I think the sweater is going away because I don’t like the yarn I bought as the color for that pattern. Makes no sense, I know, but if I’m not thrilled by it, I won’t knit it. I like the yarn enough to use it for something, I just need to decide what that something is.