oh one day when you're looking back

So, sorting and trashing one’s old crap is a lot of work, especially when working outside. With every new and/or frightening discovery I wished even more that I had brought my camera to document the process with.

Some of the things I found?

  • Mardi Gras beads from both my trip to New Orleans in 1998 and the 2001-ish visit to the Soulard celebration.
  • A Christmas stocking that was blue and covered in sequins in a checkerboard pattern. I think I found it at the Liberace House of Crap.
  • My full set of New Kids on the Block Trading Cards. Because I was that age when they were taking over the airwaves.
  • Magazines. So many magazines, not the least of which was the every issue of Mode magazine, which ran from 1997-2001. What possible reason could I have had for keeping these? Not a clue.
  • My high school memory book, as well as random college memorabilia.
  • My collection of Fiestaware – at least part of it. I don’t have a ton, but I do love the Fiestaware and plan to outfit my future kitchen in it. I also found my cute retro dishes, with at least one broken plate.
  • Books. A few that I had thought I lost and now have 2 copies of. Random books I forgot existed. Textbooks out the wazoo, most of which got pitched. If I couldn’t remember using it, I threw it away.
  • And so much other stuff. Seriously, I have more crap than any one person needs.

Of course, with an entire apartment’s worth of junk to sort through, I did not finish going through it all in the 3 1/2 hours I was sorting and throwing. I think I may have gotten through 1/3 to 1/2 of my boxes and such, though. I did, however, nearly manage to knock myself in the head with a psychology book that didn’t want to go in the dumpster. Twice.

I decided it was probably time to stop sorting and trashing when I found a box of my pots & pans and couldn’t decide if I should just throw them out or look later to see if they were still good. I probably should have just chucked ’em in the dumpster. I was being a complete hardass about what to toss and what to keep until then, I should have just stuck with that.

And let me tell you, it’s a good thing I stopped when I did. My back was sore, my hips hurt, my muscles were screaming. Today? The muscles are still a bit sore in my legs, but I otherwise seem to be recovering well. I don’t seem to bounce back as quickly as I did when I was 20. Getting older is hell on the body, folks.


One thought on “oh one day when you're looking back

  1. I’ve (mostly) liberated myself from magazine clutter. Moving twice in the past five years will do that. The only ones I’ve kept over the years are Mojo and Uncut, and someone offered to buy those for pocket change — at this point, I don’t care. My tiny basement locker won’t hold them. The Allure/Glamour/Cosmos are long gone.

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