where time goes fast but everything gets slow

Whew, for not having a lot of stuff planned, the weekend was busy.

Friday night, I built stuff. Two new sets of shelves and this set of drawers, the results of said shelf building turned out well (picture linked above, for those who care).

Saturday I had an appointment for a haircut down in Gunsmoke bright and early, so I got up too early after having been awake building and straightening until 1am. I eventually made it back home and napped, after which I took on a book reorganization. My books are now somewhat organized by genre or author.

Sunday was spent at our knitting group potluck thing, to which I brought Sugar on Crack (or Mexican Cobbler). Let me tell you about the knitting.

First off, I finally got gauge for the sweater I want to knit. I was so excited Saturday night when I finished the swatch and realized I was good to go, except for needing to buy yet another set of needles because the ones I had were the wrong size. So, you know what that means?

sweaterThis is the start of my sweater. Sure I’m only three rows in, but I started a sweater!

I am also winding down on the socks I’ve been working on. There are about 30 rows left before I decrease for the toe and then, bam, I’ve got a pair of socks! You can see the progress here, if you’re so inclined.

In other random news, I upgraded to the newest version of WordPress. They changed several things, once of which was my ability to have a shorter blogroll only showing a random selection of 5 blogs at a time. Now I have to know enough about php and my sidebar code to know what to change, which I don’t. So I’m working on another solution to the “problem”.

I do like the autosave feature, which saved most of this post last night when my internet connection failed. Also, the tabs to switch between html and wysiwyg when you’re writing are nice. I like that better than the html pop-up window.

Finally, today it begins. My second class of the semester, that is. I’m still trying to figure out how this is going to work – I’m going to be in class for what is essentially a full day each week during my normal work hours. This week is a test of the new schedule, but at least I still have my weekends free. Kind of. Wish me luck and sanity.


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