we're gonna have big fun on the bayou

I am so excited and such a dork.

I just made arrangements with Coworker Steph to go see Harry Connick, Jr. at the Fox.


I feel like a giddy schoolgirl going to her first concert.

I have harbored a love for Harry Connick, Jr. since college, when my next-door neighbor/suitemate Kim introduced me to his music. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to see him live, but never have. Every time he’s come through St. Louis in the past several years, I’ve been without a Harry-loving concert pal. But now? Steph loves Harry as much as I do, so we’re going. Yay!

His new album* that was released today, Oh My, Nola? It’s already on Ferris the iPod and quite good, if I do say so myself.

*There was also a second album released today, but it’s in the Connick on Piano series. While quite good themselves, I prefer to pick those up on the cheap when I can. Which means it’ll probably be a little while before I get it.


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