you can cross the line whenever you want to

Being the musically obsessed person I am, I sometimes like music that I really feel like I shouldn’t. Then again, it’s my right to listen to and like everything. In my egocentric little world, I sometimes think people are silently judging me for liking John Mayer and others.* I know people have better things to do than judge my musical tastes, though.

As it turns out, pretty much every person I know and like has something questionable that they like musically. So I would like to propose an era of guilt-free music. Doesn’t matter if Britney Spears’s Oops I Did it Again is the most played song in your music library, it’s okay. You can still call it your guilty pleasure if you must, but let’s not be apologetic for our musical tastes anymore.

Why do I bring this up now? Because people are very very vocal about the music they don’t like. I know I am – I think Faith Hill is boring as hell and I don’t know why she’s a superstar. And some of us are vocal about who we do like, but it’s harder to remember the good things people say about an artist. If someone you respect insults a musician you like, it might influence your thinking about the music. Maybe not, but it could happen.

So, please, go forth and listen to Christina Aguilera, Rob Thomas, and even Kenny Chesney (if you must). I promise not to think less of you for doing so (especially since I have stuff by two of the three on Ferris the iPod). Who are any of us to judge the musical tastes of other people, anyway?

Now let’s see what turns up on the shuffle:

  • On the Treble = D’Nell
  • Professional Widow = Tori Amos
  • She’s a Rainbow = the Rolling Stones
  • Drive South = John Hiatt
  • So. Central Rain = REM
  • Love Soon = John Mayer
  • Neighborhood 1 – Tunnels = Arcade Fire
  • Wild Flowers = Ryan Adams
  • Girl in the War = Josh Ritter
  • One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces = Ben Folds Five
  • By the Way – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hmm, not a single guilty pleasure in the bunch.

*I totally know where this particular neurosis comes from, but let’s not get into that.


5 thoughts on “you can cross the line whenever you want to

  1. I call bull…. you might not mind my musical taste but if its on in the car I know you want the station changed…. :P

  2. I fully admit that I like dopey music a lot of the time. While I can’t stand Britney, I do own a rather nifty version of Oops I did it again by Fountains of Wayne. And I adore Christina Aguilera now that she’s moved toward classy and away from her tacky Dirty Girl days. I’m digging the retro look she goes in for …

  3. The point is that you can still dislike other music and want the station changed, but the person who likes said music is free from judgement. Hence the guilt-free part of music. :)

    Yeah, I kinda like Christina now, too. It hurts to admit that.

  4. Anyone who looks at my Friday Shuffles knows that I’m not very apologetic about the stuff I have in my music library. For all the “right” stuff like U2 or Johnny Cash or The Clash or Tony Bennett that I have I’ve got a pantload of “wrong” stuff like The Sweet or Slade or Oasis and Blackmore’s Night.

    And I’ll especially never apologize for my love of cheesy pop music. If it’s cheesy British pop it gets twice the love.

  5. Er…as someone with admittedly “rock-snobish” taste I probably have no business posting (fervently scans own site for pop-bashing. Does American Idol count?) but as I am well into my thirties, I refuse to feel guilty over anything that gives me pleasure. I’m not shy about my love for seventies-styled lite FM rock. Or my hair metal past. (Though I’ve yet to find the artist link between Gordon Lightfoot and Warrant.)

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