I'm used to relying on intellect

So, January 19th.

It’s the first sunny day in St. Louis in, what, 2 weeks? Chilly, but sunny.*

Today would have also been Mom’s 55th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom, wherever you are.

Enjoy this Friday Shuffle, the Sunny Birthday Edition

  1. 1. Your Flesh Is So Nice – Jeff Buckley
  2. Boys Don’t Cry – the Cure
  3. Take Control – Weezer
  4. You Know You Wrong – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  5. Disillusion – Badly Drawn Boy
  6. After All… – The Cardigans
  7. Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own – U2
  8. Celestine – Kirsty MacColl
  9. Long Lost – Better Than Ezra
  10. Life Support – Rent

*It was sunny and 60 degrees on this day last year.


2 thoughts on “I'm used to relying on intellect

  1. Hello Beautiful Lady,

    Today is her birthday and a great sunny day to remember her. There is something about the sun that brings new life to us stand in the sun today and feel the warmth…It is most likely a gift from her:)

  2. Well…you know how I feel about people born on the 19th. Me, Dolly, your mom…we’re the cool kids!

    I have no doubt your mom sent the sun your way.

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