love your dress

I used to think it would be cool to meet my idols and get the chance to hang out with them. The reality is that I’ve met very few celebrities. Ok, one. One person, and I don’t know that he counts because I’m pretty sure he was, um, intoxicated when I met him.*

But I digress.

Now I have absolutely no desire to meet any of my musical icons. In fact, I quite prefer knowing as little about their personal life as possible. I don’t want to know what or who they’re doing off stage or outside of the recording studio.

You may be asking yourselves why. Surely, you’re thinking, if you had the chance to meet Trent Reznor and do dirty things to him, you’d jump on it. Wrong. While I have a dirty little crush on Trent, the image of him in my mind is probably so far from reality that I’d either be shocked or disappointed to meet the real person.

As it stands, I’m perfectly happy with the live concert experience of my favorites. Which means that tonight I will be partaking in the live concert experience. I figured I should see RHCP when I had the chance, and it helps that Gnarls Barkley is opening. Should be a fun night, as long as the weather allows me a safe trip home.**

*Rufus Wainwright, Columbia, MO, May, 2002.

with Rufus Wainwright

**It’s been okay, but there’s a bit of snow falling here and there.


3 thoughts on “love your dress

  1. Oh! You met Rufus! So jealous. Well, kinda. I know what you mean. I don’t go to author signings anymore because, with the exception of Oscar Hijuelos and Stephanie Pearl MacPhee, they’ve all been kinda rude. Even Jimmy Carter was rude, and that’s saying something! So now I prefer to just read their books and imagine that they’re really really nice.

  2. I hung around after a show to meet the performer once, and though I can say he was a surprisingly mannered (though incredibly guarded) person off stage, it is kind of a let down when you realize “oh yeah, he’s a real person, too.”

    You got a cool picture out of it, though.

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