she's always changing the color of her hair

I really have nothing to say. I spent a good portion of yesterday sleeping off a migraine, which doesn’t lead to much excitement in the world.

I did manage to come out of my stupor long enough to finish the knitting on my practice sock. There won’t be a mate because it’s much too big to wear. But now I at least know how to graft the toe of my current pair of socks I’m working on.

Today, well, it’s Friday. Weather-permitting, I’ll be headed down to Gunsmoke to have dinner with my dad tonight. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, perhaps lunch tomorrow instead.

At least I have a 3 day weekend.


One thought on “she's always changing the color of her hair

  1. I freaking loooove grafting the toe shut on socks. It’s the best part.

    They don’t talk about it much in instructions and I don’t know if you’re already doing it or not but when I get to the last stitch, I slip it off and pull the yarn tight and then insert the needle into the sock and pull all the yarn through and then weave in the yarn along that seam I just grafted on the underside. Keeps me from getting that little squared corner at the end.

    Take comfort that my first pair of socks were enormous but then again I was knitting them on 3mm needles. I find for regular socks 2.5mm is best and for socks going on my chunky feet 2.75mm is the way to go.

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