he's wearing velvet pants

Did I mention that I got some new jeans?

I live in my blue jeans, wear them every day. It’s the joy of working in a casual office. I like being able to wear jeans to work so much that I occassionally squeal with glee about it.

The problem was, though, that I’m the kind of short who’s between “petite” and “average”. If I got petite jeans, they were the right length at the waist, but too short in the legs. If I got average jeans, they were great at the legs, but I pulled them up to my bra and walked around like Urkel.

Did I do that?

Finally, there’s a solution at Lane Bryant (it’s where chubby girls shop). They have low-rise bootcut stretch jeans. The low rise part means it hits my waist exactly, the bootcut makes ’em sexy. And the fit? Fantastic, once I bought the right size. Apparently when one finds jeans that fit in the right places, she needs them a size smaller than her Urkel jeans.

The new jeans are so comfortable that I actually stayed in them until bedtime last night – which was somewhere between 10 and 11pm. That’s like 15 hours in these pants, which is virtually unheard of for me. Usually it’s Pajama Time by about 7pm.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have jeans that actually fit. And because I got them on sale, I picked up 4 pair for less than what I’d normally pay for 2. Sweet! (I also love a good deal. This is also why I stock up on cute underwear when they’re buy 3, get 3 free.)


3 thoughts on “he's wearing velvet pants

  1. I haven’t had a pair of jeans that fit in so long I don’t remember what it’s like. I seem to buy jeans that are so baggy in the butt and the legs because I am worried about me not being able to zip them up.

    Maybe I need some suck-in panties.

  2. I almost bought a pair of Levis that guaranteed to suck in my stomach, but the waist was so high (and I’m already kind of high-waisted) I’d be an Urkel, too.

    On a more disturbing note, I actually saw acid-washed jeans back on the racks the other day.

  3. Usually around 7 pm, no later than 8 pm, I jump up and yell Pajama Time and go slip into comfy flannels or something. (Big fan of Old Navy PJs) Kevin thinks my love of Pajama Time is hilarious. But I get it. Some clothes – and many jeans – just aren’t comfy enough to stay in all day.

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