a long time coming but now snow is gone

Knitty Monday? I’m toying with the idea of talking about the knitting only once a week, where I will update project progress or whatever just on Monday so the blog doesn’t get completely taken over by my knitting insanity. Who knows what I’ll actually do (move the knitting content to it’s own blog? Forget I ever suggested a once a week update?).

In the meantime, let’s talk about socks.

I have visions of knitting socks someday until my fingers fall off. I LOVE socks, I LOVE knitting – what better way to combine two of my insane obsessions than to knit socks, right?

The obsession has officially begun, as I conquered turning the heel and picking up stitches for the gusset the last weekend of the holiday. Saturday, I started working on a sock with some yarn I had in my stash from a different project.

koigu sock

This is my first pair of socks made from tiny sock yarn – it’s Koigu KPPPM in color 608. Surprisingly enough, the ribbing went quickly and I started on my pattern, a simple woven rib from the Sensational Knitted Socks* book. I’m about halfway done with the leg** and from there it’s just a short trip to finish up the first of the pair. I probably should have stuck with just a ribbed leg on this one, as you can’t really see the pattern because of the variegation in the yarn. Ah, well, they still look nice so far.

It’s a good thing I love socks and that so far I like knitting them. I’m in love with the handpainted yarns. The variegated colors, the super-softness of them, the washable quality, how each pair of socks is unique. I just love it. The love of sock yarn rivals my love of Noro Kureyon, although I think the sock yarn is winning out because they don’t come with twigs in the yarn.

So, knitters out there, share with me your favorite sock patterns. I think I’ve got enough yarn for 10 pair and only about 3 patterns I’m set on making.

*What I reallly like about the book is that it’s kind of a guide to knitting socks, giving you instructions, but letting you pick the pieces you want and put together a sock of your own.

**For you sock knitters out there, what’s your preference for leg length? I measured a pair of regular socks tonight and the measurement was longer than I expected, but they seemed to hit my leg in just the right place. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “a long time coming but now snow is gone

  1. I love sensational knitted socks…. that book cured me of my fear of size 0 needles. Have you knit jaywalkers yet? Love those. Also love the cable rib socks in the aforementioned book. I usually knit to a leg length of about 6 inches. Any longer and I need to increase for my calf.

  2. I told you that you’d love socks! If you take to sock knitting then you hardly ever want to knit anything else. Think about it. You don’t need much yarn, there’s a huge variety of yarn available, you can do just about anything in sock knitting – lace, cables, various ribs – there’s hardly an end to them.

    I have short legs so I knit a 6″ leg for me. My best friend, Mollie is nearly 6 feet tall so I knit her 8″ legs. Lots people knit socks so that the top reaches to just where you calf muscle ends because it’s usually a pretty straight shot – you don’t usually need to do a decrease in the leg like you would if the sock would come up over your calf like knee socks do.

    I definitely want to knit these Snicket Socks:

    and these basketweave socks are a fun knit:


    There’s a sock knitters forum online with lots and lots of free sock patterns.


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