go ahead and lose yourself inside this opportunity

Now that my Christmas vacation is winding down, I thought I’d review vacations past and present.

Kara, age 7:

Ate cereal, watched cartoons, and read books.

Kara, age 16:

Spent time with my friends, watched cartoons, and read books

Kara, age 31:

Watched cartoons, knitted, got crafty, and slept.

Hmm, there seems to be a theme of cartoon watching in my life…

Speaking of getting my crafty on while vacationing, I have pictures of what I actually accomplished.

First up, the concert ticket scrapbook.

concert scrapbook.

This is what I tried to describe previously. I printed lyrics from songs performed on vellum, mounted the ticket and setlist on teal cardstock, and put it all on the one page. The setlist also includes who the opening act(s) were, the name of said tour (when I could find it) and the location of the concert. This Tori show was the prototype.

Next up, I knitted until my fingers got tired. Oh, the knitting.

Pink Scarf

Pink scarf, started and finished during the break. Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca/Wool blend in Peace Pink. This one is going to be donated…somewhere. I’m thinking Red Scarf Project (even though it’s pink) because I’m not sure I’ll get the red scarf done on time.

Sophisticated Scarf

Above you see the original scarf for the Red Scarf Project. It’s a little larger than a potholder right now. It’s not at all difficult to work on, but I just have to pay attention to what I’m doing because of the basketweave pattern. It looks really cool, though. I love the Malabrigo yarn.

Yesterday was quite busy with the knitting. I finished Steph’s Fetchings, got far enough on my very first sock to turn the heel and work the gusset*, and started the Irish Hiking Scarf.

Steph's Fetchingsmy first sock

Irish Hiking Scarf

Turning the heel and working the gusset on the sock were so much easier than I expected, too. The sock, however, is a bit large for my foot, so this has now become my practice sock.

Tonight I’m working a bit more on the scrapbook and tomorrow it’s back to the old grind.


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  1. Yay! You’re knitting socks! Like the color too.

    I love turning the heel and I really love grafting the toe shut but I hate picking up the heel stitches. With a passion hate it.

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