hello operator

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Mine was nice, but subdued.

I am currently spending part of the day working on a scrapbook of my concert experiences because I am a dork. I save all my tickets for some unknown reason, so now I’m doing a bit of research to find setlists and then will scrapbook them. The pages will all be similar and have the same color theme, but will differ based on the concert/show. I have  a very clear picture of what it will be in my mind, but it’s hard to explain. Anyway, I plan to work on that a bit while I’m on holiday.

Other than that, I’ve got a whole lot of nothing today. Maybe I’ll be more interesting later. :P


One thought on “hello operator

  1. I’m thirty-three and I save all my concert tickets, even the ones from the Monkees reunion tour. Both reunion tours. I like the scrapbook idea.

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