in the lane, snow is glistening

So. I went to the mall today, which luckily wasn’t as horrible as I had expected. I think I must have gotten there at the perfect time, as the parking situation was out of control when I left a little over an hour later.

Anyway, while I was there, I decided to shop for a new perfume. My favorite was discontinued, unfortunately, and I’ve been looking for a replacement for quite a while.

Turns out, for only $70 or so, you too can smell like a Dirty French Whore.

Mental note: don’t let overzealous perfume girls spray you with anything.

If anyone has a suggestion for a light, not overly floral scent (I tend to gravitate towards “woodsy orientals”), I’d appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “in the lane, snow is glistening

  1. My husband chokes and wheezes if I put on a drop of any cologne, so I know he is very particular. I tried “Cast a Spell” available for a very reasonable price at Sephora. He actually asks me to wear it.

    It’s probably slanted to the 12-17 demographic, but we like it.

  2. I just bought Innocent and love it. But for years I wore Coco by chanel. I’m allergic to a lot of scents especially vanilla or rose based ones. I can tell you going to try out scents is way more intimidating than 5 years ago. There had to be 50 different ones at Macy’s!

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