you'll find your fortune falling all over town

Today has been much less annoying. Long, but less annoying.

My fingers are itching to knit right now. I never thought I’d be someone who couldn’t wait to get home and get her hands on yarn, but I am. Totally. I want to finish the christmas scarf, work on some socks, and work on wristwarmers for coworker S.

Unfortunately, the knitting will have to wait until I finish working on my last homework assignment. I’ve got some editing and discussing of an article to do by a reasonable hour tonight, then the homework portion of class is done. Woo!

Have I mentioned that there’s an excellent chance I could get an A in this class? Yeah, talk about pressure to perform well on the final, sheesh. But an A in Statistics? I don’t think I’ve ever actually done that before.

Big night at my place – homework, laundry, and knitting. Fun stuff, folks.


One thought on “you'll find your fortune falling all over town

  1. I don’t know how you work and go to school. Hell, I couldn’t manage going to school when all I had to do was go to school.

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