I'm gonna get to know you better

I have to leave the house in approximately 12 minutes in order to get to my study group on time. I just ran through the homework and one of the problems made me want to poke out my eyes just in case that might make what was written make sense.

It’s been one of those weeks already, and it’s only Tuesday. I’ve spent the better portion of the day feeling annoyed with various things (of which I started to talk about earlier today, then decided it was better left unsaid), a feeling of annoyance that’s still with me tonight.

I don’t like feeling annoyed and stressed and overworked. It’s killing my normally sunny disposition*. So, annoyances seem to creep up on me easier today than they normally would.

So, the plan is to come home tonight after study group, hop in bed, and sleep the annoyance away. When I wake up tomorrow, everything will look better. I hope.

*Not so sunny that you want to beat someone, though. Just enough that life is usually a little brighter.