I got my orange crush

I need a backpack.

All semester, I’ve been lugging around a messenger bag with my increasingly heavy binder, book, notebook, and various other items I might need to get through class and work.

Everytime I hoist the bag over my shoulder, it screams at me. My neck is sore. I feel like I need to visit a chiropractor. This can’t be good.

Next semester, I’ll likely need to bring my laptop with me, along with the above mentioned items. Laptop+Textbook+Binder+Kitchen Sink = 1 Very Sore Kara.

So, a backpack.

I am suddenly 9 years old again. Just give me one with Spongebob on it and lets move on, okay?

I wish it was that easy.

I need a bag that can hold my 3″ binder, textbook(s), and laptop with extra room. Oh, and I prefer a color I actually like. Which means no urban camouflage, thankyouverymuch.

I hope eBags has something good.


2 thoughts on “I got my orange crush

  1. I met one of the guys from eBags when I was in Chicago. I told him I loved him. He handed me another drink and told me he gets that a lot ;) heheh!

  2. From highschool, through 6.5 years of college, through three real careers, innumerable jobs, and four states I’ve carried an eddie bauer daypack. They make different sizes and they’re durable as all heck. I’ve lugged my laptop – with a knitted laptop cozy of course – through a lot of airports using that bag. Mine is forest green.

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