I just need to catch my breath

Do you ever find yourself in a place that is so completely out of your element that you wonder what got you there in the first place? That was the story for me twice yesterday.

First, I headed out to a salon that I wouldn’t normally go to in order to get some fancy shampoo/conditioner for the upcoming return of the rock star hair. I felt underdressed and out of place – it was way too fancy for me. Definitely not someplace I’d go for my hair needs.*

Then, after an eventful day of running errands, I went out last night with Mindy & her boy, where we caught up with a few of our knitting buddies. This was most definitely not my kind of place. Too fancy, too meat market, too much cleavage. I didn’t realize I was supposed to bring the cleavage when I went there, so I was all casual and myself while most of the people there were just…fake and plastic, I guess. Definitely not my scene.

The evening improved when we headed down the street to Drunken Fish, where there were Tiramisu martinis and fried cheesecake. Much more my speed with chairs and the ability to hear people talk.

Spending a portion of the night at Mandarin really reminded me that I am so not the kind of person who was or will be into that whole bar/lounge scene. It’s just too much work – especially if you’re trying to meet people under those circumstances. Really, how real can you be in that situation? Hi, my cleavage is on display and I’m drinking a $50 martini. Um, no. Don’t think so. I’m more the Hi, I’m a dork and I drink Dr. Pepper kind of girl. Sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up and bring the cleavage**, but only when the weather is cleavage appropriate.

Today brought about knitting group, which is always fabulous. I love knitting with a group and getting ideas and help from them – mostly based on what they’ve already done. One of the girls today was wearing the first pair of socks she had ever made and I’m inspired. She had used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino on them and I’ve got a few balls of that kicking around from the great Fetching wristwarmer optimism of Summer 2006. I get to knit my first pair of socks on bigger needles (yay!) and use up some yarn from my stash. The trick now is to decide how many to cast on and if I want a fully ribbed cuff (I think I do, but I’m not sure if I can stand knitting that for several inches).

Now, of course, homework. I have an article to read and critique at least partially by tomorrow at class time, but definitely by 8pm tomorrow night. Have I mentioned that I will be greatly relieved when the semester is officially over?

*As a side note, what I’m getting done to my hair – color, cut, style, etc would cost 3 times more there than what I’ll be paying from my girl in Jefferson County.

**And we all know I can do that just fine.


3 thoughts on “I just need to catch my breath

  1. From the “about” photos, the decor in that place looks pretty cool. But I know what you mean about the crowd. That’s why I always favored dirty hole in the walls, with live music and/or a kickin’ jukebox.

  2. out of place happened to me recently…my dh decided we should stop and see his brother who works at Nieman Marcus…..I’m beyond dressed down casual…I felt sooo out of place.

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