you've forgotten what you're hiding for

Yesterday was just one of those days where I realized that I have way too much to get done before Christmas and the end of the semester.

Naturally, since I was feeling overwhelmed, something else got tossed my way and I panicked a little, then felt stupid after I realized that I could handle it all if I could just figure out how to manage my time better.

The whole day was just bleh.* So, when I got home, I decided I needed to medicate myself with new yarn.**


Blue Sky Bulky (50% alpaca, 50% wool) in Peace Pink. It’s going to make a lovely simple ribbed scarf, I think.

I’m still feeling overwhelmed, mostly now because it’s been a hell of a week to try and coordinate schedules with my study group and get homework done.

I can not wait until the semester is over. A week and a half left and I am done with classes until mid-January. I’m going to spend a day under my fuzzy blanket, then I’m going to knit until my fingers fall off and read until my eyes go blurry.

*It doesn’t help that I haven’t been drinking nearly enough water lately. Makes me feel wonky and it makes my kidneys scream. They’re going to form a band where they guzzle cola onstage and then play death metal before doing a fatal stage dive into the audience.

**Yes, that is the new fuzzy blanket is in the background of the picture.


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