as we dream by the fire

Over the weekend, I bought a new blanket. My bedroom gets a bit cold in the winter and I like to be nice and toasty warm when I’m sleeping this time of year. My standard blanket/quilt combo wasn’t cutting the mustard, so I decided to add another layer of warmth.

I only mention the new blanket becuase it is one of the softest fuzzy warm blankets I’ve ever had in my life. It’s the kind of blanket that makes you look forward to going to sleep just so you can snuggle under it. It’s also the kind of blanket that makes you wish you didn’t have to get out of bed in the morning, which could be problematic since I’m not a morning person in the first place. But the blanket is just fabulous.

Ziggy the Wondercat is also in love with the new blanket. He kneads it and purrs, sleeps on it and purrs, rolls around on it and purrs…you get the picture. I came home from work last night and the bed was all in disarray, Ziggy having moved the quilt so he could lay on the new blanket while I was gone. Yes, he loves it that much.

Later last night, when I was nearly done working on my final and had cleared some of the debris of my brainpower off the bed, I dove under the covers and pulled the new blanket on my lap and tried to think of a good way to summarize the 7 pages I had written.* About that time, Ziggy dove under the quilt and tried to burrow his way onto my lap in order to sit in his 2 favorite places at once – on my legs and on the blanket.

Eventually, I turned Finley the iBook off for the night and snuggled under my blanket until the alarm went off way too early this morning.

*Yes, 7 coherent pages that will blind the reader with their dazzling brilliance. Okay, maybe they weren’t dazzlingly brilliant, but they weren’t bad. For a last minute effort, they probably bordered on brilliant.


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