the weather outside is frightful

Notes from the first ice storm of the year:

  • We were allowed to leave work at 3 yesterday due to the weather and road conditions. The highway was already backed up (at least getting onto it), so I went around.
  • I didn’t have an ice scraper to clean off my car yesterday after work. Luckily, Be-Bop-A-Lula had an extra he let me borrow, then he helped me clean off my car after he was done with his.
  • I fell on my ass 3 times this morning while cleaning off my car. Snow on top of ice is slippery, just in case you didn’t get that memo.
  • I need a pair of gloves. I borrowed a pair from Mindy‘s boy this morning.
  • The ice on the trees is really quite lovely. You know, if you don’t actually have to GO anywhere. I wish I’d brought my camera to take pictures.
  • There is a tree down on the street leading to my work parking lot. Like, blocking the entire street so you can’t get through. I guess the ice took the last bit of life out of it last night.
  • The road? With the tree down? Solid sheet of ice. Nice.