I'm an angel bored like hell

Have I mentioned that I have a yarn addiction problem? I do. I’m trying to control it now by not purchasing anything I don’t have a specific pattern/project for already and by figuring out what to do with the stash I do have.

The whole knitting/yarn thing is still a bit weird to me. Usually by now I’ve given up on whatever my newly acquired hobby is and moved on to something else. Examples, you say?

  • Learning to play the guitar went poorly. I had the guitar, I had the “teach yourself” book, I did not have the time.
  • Scrapbooking? Well, still something I do once in a while, but I’m less into scrapbooking my pictures now and more into scrapbooking themes or events. The current plan is to take all my old concert tickets and put them in a book together. The vision in my head is very cool, I hope it looks that good when it’s done.
  • Sewing? Remember when I bought material to make skirts? Never made one. I got stuck on laying out the pattern and once I figured that out, I never got any further. I would actually like to complete at least one of the skirts, if only Riley wouldn’t bark at the sewing machine…
  • Other crafty things I learned from my mom? I lost interest in a matter of months, if not weeks.

So, the fact that I’m still knitting over a year after I went hardcore into it is kind of a miracle. The only other things that have kept my attention this long are books and school. I like learning the new skillz, making something that I can wear, and being able to make things for people (although I’m just getting into that part of it now). I think it helps that I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on some of my completed projects, too. When you make something cool, it’s a sense of accomplishment. When other people comment on your cool item, it makes you feel good.

So, yeah, still into the yarn, still into the knitting. (Like you couldn’t tell from the plethora of knitting related posts lately.)

Song of the day: You’re the Storm – the Cardigans
Cover song of the day: Your Love Made a U-Turn – Tift Merritt
Artist of the day: Yamagata, Rachael


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