you've been falling off the sidewalk

And this is what we call phoning it in.*

Day 20, 10 days to go. Even though I posted almost every day before NaBloPoMo, I miss being able to take a day or so off if I had nothing to say. And this month, there’s been a lot of nothing to say.

At least I still have the alphabet. Don’t fail me now, T!

Remember back in September when I got a tattoo?

getting a tattoo

My tattoo artist had some good ink, some of which can be seen above. This photo was actually taken during the outline phase, before the “kara almost passed out” phase.


This one when it was nearly finished. And eventually, it was done. Two months later I’m still really happy with it. It looks really nice, Kerry (the artist) did a fantastic job.

I would like to reiterate, though, that tattoos hurt. A lot. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or has a fantastic pain tolerance.**

Song of the day: Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around the World – U2
Cover Song of the day: Tired of Being Alone – Texas
Artist of the day: Tori Amos

*If my ovaries weren’t trying to kill me today, I might have the ability to be a little more interesting. But, y’know, ovaries, bitches. Aleve, not working.

**Which I clearly do not have based on the first *.


2 thoughts on “you've been falling off the sidewalk

  1. I love the idea of a tattoo on my foot but I am the biggest needle and pain baby so I will be skipping that.

    And I know what you mean about the posting every day. I am tapped out and there’s over a week to go. I thought about signing up for Holidailies and then thought “Why in the hell would you do this sort of crap for TWO months?! In a row, no less!”.

  2. Oh yes, tattoos hurt a LOT. My back was done in 2 sessions. 11hours and then 9 hours. Pretty much straight (minus pee breaks). And it hurt… and I had no drugs! But I tell ya, laser hurts a HELL of a lot more. I’m getting my ankle done and I can’t bring myself to go back. And it takes like 3 minutes, but those were the most painful 3 minutes of my life.

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