in the garden I did no crime

R is for random brain spewing. It was going to be for radio, but what can I currently say that I haven’t already said?

I’m on a sugar high right now. A couple donuts and I’m bouncing off the walls.

It’s Saturday, of course. I have big plans today that include working a bit, shopping for a bookshelf that can also double as a cat feeding area, doing a bit of homework, and doing a bit of knitting. I think I’m going to try to make a scarf as the exchange gift for the family Christmas Eve get together because I can’t come up with a better idea and I have yarn in my stash I can use.


I am also trying to come up with a new(ish) design for the old blog. Which means I’ll be learning how to change an existing design to make it all pretty, mostly because the current theme keeps randomly switching to the uber-boring wordpress default. If you see weirdness when you’re here in the next couple weeks, it’s just because I’m trying to figure it all out without breaking things.

I wish I could create my own radio station and get it on the air.** That would be sweet. It would be sweeter if I could do it without ads. I guess that would be the XM or Sirius thing, then.

I think I have a new favorite sweater. I’m wearing it now and plan to go back and get at least one more in a different color come Monday when my $25 off coupons start.

That is all. Things to do, people to see.

Song of the day: Raspberry Swirl – Tori Amos
Cover song of the day: Redemption Song – Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer
Artist of the day: Rufus Wainwright

*The sound of me bouncing off the walls.

**You know, in addition to getting 6 bazillion degrees, working full time, and knitting until my fingers fall off.


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