only you beneath the moon

And now a post about nickels!

Oh, who am I kidding. The new iPod arrived today (a mere month and 11 days before Christmas) and now I’m trying to figure out exactly how to get my tunes and playlists from Manny the iPod onto the new, as yet unnamed, iPod.

Also, my tummy is full of garlicky shis-kebab goodness right now. I just got home from dinner at Saleem’s – they’re the king of garlic, doncha know. Good thing I’m not sharing my garlic breath with anyone tonight, let me tell ya. Whew.

So, no post about nerds, nickels, nerf, nostrils, nakedness/nudity, noro yarn, or ne’er do wells. Besides, I didn’t really have anything else to tell you today anyway.

I do, however, still have the tunes of the day to share:

Song of the day: Not Pretty Enough – Kasey Chambers
Cover song of the day: Night and Day – Bono/U2
Artist of the day: Nerina Pallot


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