and if we make a little space

I had intended to talk about Labyrinth yesterday because I love that movie. But then I had life happen and there were tigers involved and why are more people not saying “dude! tigers?! awesome!”? Because, dude, tigers! Way closer to us than you’d ever see in a zoo. Real tigers with roars and everything!

I really liked the tigers, in case you couldn’t tell. Talking about them turns me into an excited 12 year old.

Then there’s the existential dilemma of the day. Or just a life dilemma, actually. Going back to school has been a drain on me. I’m just feeling very bleh about it. I’d like to have a life again, it was nice. But I just don’t feel like I have the time to do that while taking 2 classes and working 40 hours a week. It just all sucking the energy and life out of me.

Going back to school seemed like such a good idea in June. If I was doing school full time and not trying to work, I think it would be a good idea. But right now? At 31 years old with a cat and no life? I’m seriously questioning that decision.

I miss life.

Blergh, people.

Today’s post was supposed to be about music and/or monkeys. Instead, it’s brain vomit.


3 thoughts on “and if we make a little space

  1. I don’t think school is effecting life so much. You have as much social time you just have less slacking off at home time… Really what did we do before school started… knitted, read and watched movies….and you were also in a relationship.
    I think with effort you could socialize more if wanted. It would just leave less knitting, slacking time. Its having that energy thats hard…When we have a lot of boring time its easier to motivate ourselves to go out and meet people and stuff.

  2. If you like Labyrinth, try “The Great Yokai War”. It’s a Japanese film and it’s a cross between Labyrinth and Neverending Story with a touch of Gremlins.

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