fighting in the dance hall

Let’s talk about life. Particularly, my life this weekend.

Yesterday, Mindy and I decided to head down to Cape Girardeau in search of tasty BBQ. Ok, I decided and she and the dogs came along for the ride. Also with us was new acquaintance Lindsay, who works with Mindy and who we both like.

Anyway, we left bright and early* and hopped on the highway after picking up Lindsay. In Cape, we were joined by my friend Melissa, who I’ve known since we were both students at SEMO eons ago.

So, the Dexter BBQ I have talked about before. But the sammich with slaw? So good. Twice baked potato? Good. Yesterday we also had fried mushrooms (which I have a thing for in general) and they were so good. The platter was absolutely huge, the batter was light, and the horseradish ranch dipping sauce was yummy.

So, what’s good after bbq and mushrooms? A raspberry mocha, of course. Sometime in the past year, My Daddy’s Cheesecake opened their bakery/cafe across the street from Dexter BBQ, so we jogged across the street to get some treats. Oh, it’s good stuff.

Enough about the food. Y’all are really here to hear about the tigers, right? On the way down to Cape, we stopped for beverages and discovered that there was a Tiger Sanctuary a bit off the highway. So, on the way back, we stopped there and got up close and personal with the tigers. Rowr. Of course, we had forgot to bring absolutely anything with us for the day, including a camera**. Fortunately, I do have the cameraphone.

This is, um, one of the tigers. I can’t remember which one, though.

We were about 3 feet away from the tigers, protected by a very tall fence (of course). These guys are huge, the biggest weighs over 700 pounds, the smallest (Dee – the girl) is like 350. Our tour also included getting to watch the tigers get fed since we arrived at lunch/dinner-time. It was kinda awesome, actually.

A few more pictures, for your viewing pleasure:


After seeing tigers, my Sunday has been kind of quiet – went to the LYS, Target, and the knitting group. Made chili. Now dying hair and doing more knitting. Because I’m hardcore like that.

Song of the day: Life on Mars? – David Bowie
Cover Song of the day: Laid – Better Than Ezra
Artist of the day: Lucinda Williams

*at 11am or so. That’s early, right?

**Which also would have been helpful to snap a picture of the live camel at the concrete yard decorations emporium just off the highway.


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