So, 2 years since my last post?

Close enough. Do people still read blogs now?

I’ve been running. Kind of. It’s mostly walking, really. And here we are.

After I walked like 4 5ks in the latter half of 2015 (see last post), I did a lot of nothing in 2016. I decided I wanted to get back out there and joined up with Fleet Feet for 5k training through their No Boundaries program in January.

I’ll be honest. It was harder than I expected. I shrugged off the distance because I’ve done that before A LOT. I walk 3 miles as just part of daily life most of the time, so it was easy to just be like “eh, it’s only 3 miles”. I engaged in what I’m going to call “magical thinking” before I started. I wanted to be able to run that graduation race. I seemed to think that joining up with a training group who could help me stave off injury meant that I would actually NOT fight with injuries during training and that somehow, magically, I could become a runner in 10 weeks after having sat on my butt doing nothing for at least a year.


I struggled from day 1 with shin pain. Running slow is a lot harder than it seems. So I wound up walking most of the time (I still struggle with shin pain, but now I have exercises and stretches to help me fight it). I made it through my 10 weeks, with intervals of running here and there. In  the end, I mostly walked, but ran a bit of a 7k that was halfway through training and mostly walked, but ran a bit of our graduation 5k race in early April.


Weekly training selfies, clockwise

So now it’s been a month since we “graduated” and I’m still out there trying to get ready for the next thing on my list: 10k training starts in late July. I’m working on getting my endurance up so I’m running more than I’m walking between now and then. I also have another 3 5ks scheduled between now and then. I keep joking that I’m an overachiever, but hey, maybe this time it’ll stick.

(If you want to keep up in case I go another 2 years without posting, its best to catch me on instagram.)


Working things out

I’ve been exercising again. Finally. There’s a routine and a method to my madness. I’m training for a 5k (I’m actually walking one on Sunday, but that is not the one I’m training for).

Sometimes, though, I have to train at the gym on the treadmill. And I’m not very good at running yet, so it’s mostly walking with a few slow running sections thrown in whenever I feel like I could run.

I was just thinking about my old gym self, though. I used to do so much more at the gym than the treadmill and for about 30 seconds I was down on myself. Then I realized that, even at the nice air conditioned gym, I am sweating. I’m working hard to do something. Honestly, after tonights run/walk episode, I literally stink of sweat.

Exercise doesn’t have to be all weights and crazy hard classes for it to do something. Just simply pushing yourself a little harder than you did the day before. Breaking a sweat. That’s what gets you where you need to be.

I’m just as surprised as you are to find this post here. I didn’t think I’d be back. I don’t know when I’ll post again. Life has been busy – both good and bad. The good is outweighing the bad, though it’s been touch and go for a bit. But hey, nice to see you again, my old blog friend. I’m glad you’re still here.

Time for a break

This started as a farewell, where I hang up my keyboard & breathe a big sigh at the end. But I can’t make it final. I wrote this in my head dozens of times in the last few months, but I just don’t have time to do this blogging thing right now. The truth is that I’d rather spend my non-school and non-work time doing other things. Reading, knitting, hanging out with my friends, baking. The blog is not a priority anymore and honestly it hasn’t been for a long while.

I’m not going to say that I won’t ever come back here if I find myself with the time to write, but I haven’t even been able to get it going enough to tell you about the absolute amazing time I had seeing Hedwig in New York more than 2 months ago. So if that’s not happening, well, I don’t know what else we can do here right now. The archives aren’t going anywhere, so my baking and knitting links will stay active (this is more for my benefit than anything else, as I still look up things here to remember what I might have baked).

If you are so inclined, you can keep up with me on twitter, ravelry, and instagram.

It’s been a good 10.8 years here and I’m not quite ready to hang up my keyboard permanently, but I’m taking an extended break and I don’t know when I’ll be back. I’ll see you around.

Tattoos and life and everything

I want to talk to you about New York. I have finished knitting projects (yes, two!) to share. I have many a thing to talk about.

But in the St. Louis area, things have been happening lately. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now. I have been saddened by the news coming out of Ferguson nearly every night and hope for a peaceful resolution that also deals with the changes we need to make as a society. It’s tough to watch what’s going on & I’ve had to cut back on my news consumption for my own sanity, but my thoughts are with those fighting for justice and the family of Michael Brown.

And that is all I’m going to say about that here – this is not a blog where people come to keep up on the news and so many have said what I think so much better than I ever could or will be able to.

I will come back later to tell you about New York (Hedwig! NPH! Yarn! Work!), but for now let’s just catch up a bit.

The day after I returned home from NYC, I went out for the afternoon with knitting friend and fellow Harry Potter lover Grace (check her new blog – it’s entertaining!) so I could get a new tattoo. Grace was my moral support in this endeavor, even though it’s smaller than 2 of the other 3 tattoos I have. For someone who has as low of a pain tolerance as I do, I can’t believe I’ve now willingly gone under the needle FOUR times. This is likely the last time, as I get older the healing process seems to take even longer and I’m too whiny about the whole itchy process.


So yes, I have an HP related tattoo because I am a dork. An awesome dork. And now my tiny Stonecutter sunflower will stay a tiny sunflower and my psychedelic sun will just…be on my shoulder where I can’t see it and fade into blurriness forever. (I asked about getting a cover up and my artist suggested something like a rose b/c of the color and layers and BLEH. DO NOT WANT.) The lily on my foot will continue to be awesome.

Next subject.

I’ve been getting out of the house a little more lately (yay) and hanging out with my awesome group of friends – some new in the past year or so, some who have now been friends for nearly a decade. And I’m going to get a tiny bit sappy here because THESE PEOPLE. They are MY PEOPLE. I love that I have found my people. I realized this as I was driving home from somewhere earlier this week – they’re just all fun to be with and we have a good time together and just YAY.

Speaking of my people – during one of the escapades, Mindy & the Nugget joined me for lunch, after which I came home covered in monster stickers. That kid is awesome (like a hot dog).
Impromptu lunch with Mindy & the Nugget means I came home covered in monster stickers.

What else? Oh, there was a cluster of late July birthdays in the knit night crew, so I made cupcakes for the first time in forever. I went with the standard Guinness cupcake recipe, but used a Double Chocolate Stout as the beer and YUM. We demolished 2 dozen of those bad boys. It was one of the few times I’ve not come home with cupcake leftovers.
Step 2: Frosted with a cream cheese glaze.

I’m swatching for my Hermione inspired sweater, which is fun. I am making a cardigan instead of a pullover, but this is the inspiration & my stripey color palette. (Side note: I’m loving this PicStitch app on my phone that lets me make these collages.)

There was one more thing. Oh, yes. The semester starts next week (I accomplished NONE of the things I was going to get done this summer) & this week we had our yearly “orientation”. I was chatting with some fellow students afterward & I made a plan that involves goal dates to finish things. I also, thanks to a conversation with Mindy, have started referring to my PhD related milestones in Harry Potter terms. So I’ll finish up my OWLS (written exams) in October, then it’s on to the dissertation phase (the NEWTS).

And that’s about it. This is long, so if you made it this far give yourself a pat on the back and a cookie.

I am never going to catch up.

So instead of trying to figure out how to get through everything since I last blogged, my summer so far in photos.

The summer so far, part 1

Row 1: Cadence Sock in Plucky Feet Lollipop Guild; Ziggy; Thalia shawl in my first Plucky Knitter purchase (from July 2007).

Row 2: Book club, celebrating National Donut Day, Monkey Socks out of Dyeabolical Sock Flat in a OOAK color I’m calling Polyjuice Potion

Row 3: Eddie Izzard at the Fox Theater with Mindy, Eric, & Andrea; Fiona Falafel; Granny Square Flower Cowl in Plucky Sweater (Lollipop Guild, Headboard, Wintry Mix)

The summer so far, part 2

Row 1: Making the Downton Chickens happy while house & petsitting for Mindy & Eric; birthday yarn purchase from Lamby Toes; THE KING sandwich from Fozzie’s – peanut butter, banana, and bacon.

Row 2: Re-reading Harry Potter again; birthday treats at knit group; celebratin’ the 4th & my birthday.

Row 3: Finished Glacier Point shawl in Queens County Yarn Sock; taking care of the mischievous Mr. Boots Willoughby while Grace was out of town; the highlighter scarf returns and will be finished SOMEDAY SOON.

Whew. All caught up.